Do You Want to Make Outdoor Products in China?

Now we can import almost any product from any country in the world due to internet technology. As China can offer all kinds of goods at extremely lower cost, this country is successful in attracting businesses from all across the world.

Today, China has established itself as a manufacturing powerhouse and it is very easy for them to make outdoor products in China in large quantities for an unbelievable price.

Here in this post, we will make an attempt to explore a few strategies to find and select the proper manufacturers for different outdoor products in China.

  1. Analyse your products first that you are looking for

To start with, you must analyse the reason to outsource your products. Decide whether you want to import in finished form or as a raw material.

Also, get acquainted with various procedures to import products from China like:

  • Licenses
  • Permits
  • Regulations
  • Custom requirements
  • Transportation options.
  1. Assess the local market of China from where you want to source

Do research to shortlist a few good sources of your product in China. Try to know how is the competition among the different companies in China for your products.

Try to find the review of the companies that you have shortlisted.

  1. Visit trade shows

Another good way to get the list of sources from China will be to visit the trade shows held in many countries, which will give you an opportunity to interact with the representatives of the company to have better clarity about your prospective supplier.

  1. Visit the factory

If you are interested to outsource the manufacturing of your product and want to do a long-term business then it is essential to visit the factory in China to assess them all by yourself along with your technical team.

  1. Gather sufficient info about the supplier

Try to compare the cost, production capabilities, and quality offered by each supplier listed by you. Try to verify the basic details like registration and license of your sources with due diligence so that you can minimize your risks.

  1. Formulate your sourcing strategy

Whether you want to source only for one time or on a long-term basis, you need to formulate your sourcing strategies. You must consider the total landing cost while considering the product cost rather than the quoted price. Calculate all possible risks in the whole procurement process.

  1. Evaluate all the bids

Obtain the quote from all the sources that you have listed so far and study thoroughly all their terms and conditions. Check their payment terms and total cost. Don’t take decision only based on the cost factors.

  1. Handle the negotiation to finalize your contract

Finally, you need to shortlist a few companies and start negotiating to finalize your contract. You must involve a certain well-experienced person who is familiar with the business process in China as the business culture of this country can be totally different.

  1. Hire a sourcing agent

To make outdoor products in China, it will prove to be very useful if you have any trustworthy sourcing agent on your side. As China is a country where most of the manufacturers do not speak English properly.

An experienced sourcing agent who is familiar with the business culture of that country can play a very useful role in identifying the right supplier and also help in the negotiation.


No doubt, today China has emerged as a major source of all kinds of outdoor products however, to make outdoor products in China you need to make your move cautiously.

Hiring a trustworthy sourcing agent in China can be very helpful to you particularly because China is a country where language and business culture are very different.

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