4 Most Common Types of Roof Damage

You have to know about the different types of roof damage that can help you get the repair or replacement services before it’s too late. Once you notice the minor roof damage, you can consult with the professional to know what type of services your roof requires. In this article, you will learn about the common types of roof damage. Keep reading the article!

1. Damaged Shingles

One of the common types of roof damage is the damaged shingles. You know that many shingles made the roof. The shingle can be damaged over time due to the harsh weather. If you want to know about the damage to the shingles, you have to inspect your roof regularly.

If you notice any minor damage to your shingles, you have to know that it damages your whole roof. If you ignore the part of your roof, it will lead to the leak and hole of your roof that can cause the collapse of your roof during the windy weather.

To avoid minor damage to the shingles, you have to get repair services that can match your shingles and increase the life of your roof. Thus, to know about the type of roof damage, you need to check out the shingles of your roof.

2. Hail Damage

The next common type of roof damage is hail damage. You know that a hailstorm can be dangerous for your roof. It can cause holes and cracks on your roof that can lead to major damage to your roof. When you look at the hail damage to your roof, you have to repair your roof or replace the roof with a new roof.

If you live in Dentsville and want to get a new roof installed, you can visit the roofing installation Dentsville, SC website to hire a professional to install the new roof and avoid hail damage to your roof.

3. Ice Dam Damage

The next common type of roof damage is sth ice dam damage. If you live in cold weather where snow falling or ice is common, there will be a high chance of the ice dam damaging your roof. An ice dam will be formed on your roof when the ice will be melted on your roof. It will create a dam-like barrier on your roof that slowly damages your roof.

You have to properly address the issue to avoid major damage to your roof. Thus, an ice dam on your roof is an important sign you need to get roof repair services.

4. Leak and Water Stains

Finally, the common type of roof damage is the leak and water stains on your roof. If you see water stains on your roof or the walls, it will be an indicator of the leaking of your roof. If your roof has a damaged shingle or missing shingle, then leaks and water stains will occur.

If you ignore the water stains and leak, it can cause damage to your property. To avoid this situation, you have to repair the shingles of your roof and maintain your roof regularly.

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